5 Things to Know When Shooting Video of Games and Practices

Shooting great sports video for analysis takes a bit of practice. It is very different from shooting a family video at home. If you want to maximize the benefits of sports video analysis, you need to shoot what is happing off the ball, as well as on. You will also need to be more concerned with filming how the game unfolds than you are about capturing players’ emotions. If you are new to shooting video of games and practices, here’s a few beginners’ tips for you.

  1. Get Inspired by Watching Other People’s Videos

You can get a lot of inspiration by watching other people’s game and practice videos. Different sports require different camera angles and different techniques. Go online and check out how other people are filming the sport that you want to film. Note the types of shots they take and note where they position themselves. It will help you shoot better video if plan the shots that you want to take. You can’t have a pre-prepared storyboard for sports video, but you can have a plan.

  1. Get the Right Vantage Point

When you set up your endzone camera to shoot games and practices, you will get better shots from a high vantage point. The best way to get those elevated shots is to use a video camera tower. The Hi Rise Camera extends up to 20 feet. That is the height that most people recommend for shooting sports video. Remember that different sports will require different camera positions. For example, an endzone camera position is great for football, but it’s better to use a sideline camera position for soccer.

  1. Shoot Games and Practices with the Right Gear

Shooting sports is not as easy as you might think. You won’t be able to get good quality footage on a smartphone. It pays to invest in a good video camera, especially if you want to use your footage for video analysis. We recommend the Sony CX405 video camera. It’s ideal for use as an endzone camera or for midfield camera. The Sony cx405 video camera is a very good quality camera at a reasonable price.

  1. Use Lightweight Gear

When you are shooting away fixtures, you are going to need to transport you’re your endzone camera and your video camera tower. For that reason, you will need a lightweight endzone camera system that packs away neatly. It’s best to only carry with you the equipment that you are sure you will need. Unnecessary gear will only be a burden when you are shooting sports video at an away venue.

  1. Put Safety First

Whether you are at home or away, remember to put safety first when using a video camera tower. Make sure that your endzone camera or sideline camera is safely tethered to the ground. Make sure that people can’t trip over on wires or equipment. Endzone cameras can topple over if they are not tethered properly. That’s why Hi Rise Camera includes stakes and sandbags to secure it properly. Safety must always be a priority when you are using equipment like an endzone camera tower.