Hi Rise Camera, Hipod, Sport Scope End Zone Camera Information

Whether it’s for football, rugby, lacrosse or soccer, there is no question that an end zone camera can give a team a major advantage over its competition. An endzone video system can be used for analysis of games, to record practice sessions and to create professional looking recruitment videos and promotional material. If you are, however, in the market for an endzone camera system for your team, you will no doubt have realized that are quite a few different manufacturers that offer end zone camera solutions. So, to help you choose the best end zone video camera system for your team, here is a brief review of three of the top endzone cameras on the market today.

Sports Scope Endzone Camera

Sports Scope was launched as a business in 2011, selling an end zone camera tower that was based on a prototype that had been designed for a high school that, at the time, could not afford to purchase a commercially produced system. Sports Scope now offers end zone camera towers that range from an entry level 11ft manually controlled pole to a 30ft advanced model that is controlled wirelessly from an iPad. The higher priced systems in the Sports Scope range, for example the Sports Scope 30ft, do come with camera, monitor and most of what would you need to use the system. However, while Sports Scope may not be the most expensive end zone camera system on the market, at $4,500, it still represents a very large investment for most teams.

Hi-Pod Endzone Camera

Hi-Pod is another well-known name in the Endzone camera business, and they market video towers systems that range from the 10ft Hi-Pod GO, to the 31ft HI-POD X-Line Endzone Camera which is comparable to the Sports Scope 30ft model. Hi-Pod’s top of the range model comes as a complete system. It includes a video camera, monitor and carrying case. The entry level models in the Hi-Pod range do represent good value for money, but the camera pole will only extend to 10ft and the system is only a very basic one. At the upper end of the scale, the 31ft HI-POD X-Line Endzone Camera has a lot of features, but it will set you back just short of $5,000.

Hi Rise Camera Endzone Camera

Hi Rise Camera endzone video camera systems are one of the new breed of endzone cameras. Whereas Sports Scope and Hi-Pod have been building on their legacy designs for some years, Hi Rise Camera has had the distinct advantage of being able to start afresh with a blank page and redefine how endzone cameras are made. You can see the innovative approach that Hi Rise Camera has taken in their use of a lightweight aluminium frame, carbon fibre telescoping pole, solar powered batteries, and a unique “Easy-Spin” pole-base. Hi Rise Camera haven’t overcomplicated the design of their end zone camera systems either, which is something that many of their competitors have been guilty of over recent years. The Hi Rise Camera system is easy to erect and dismantle, and they have used high-quality, industry standard components, so obtaining spare parts is never going to be a problem.

The Hi Rise Camera end zone system is currently available in three options. At the base level, you can purchase just the telescoping pole and tripod, which is ideal for saving money if you already have a perfectly good video camera and monitor. Like Sports Scope and Hi-Pod, Hi Rise Camera’s top-end offering, the Sky 200 GC, includes everything you need, but at a price of just over $2,500, the Hi Rise Camera end zone camera system is a lot more affordable than other similar end zone camera solutions.