Sony Vs Canon…Which Video Camera Is Best for Filming Sporting Events?

When you are selecting a video camera tower system, you will no doubt look at some of the well-known brands. These include manufacturers of sideline and endzone camera systems like Hi Rise Camera and Hi Pod. Most of these video camera tower manufacturers include a camera in their packages. Some, like Hi Rise Camera, offer you the option of buying a video camera tower with a Sony CX405 camera or without the camera. The question then arises; which brand of camera is the best for filming sporting events? Is the camera included with an end zone video system going to take the high-quality footage that you need?

What Video Cameras does Hudl Recommend?

There are two brands of video camera that are particularly well-suited to filming sporting events. They are Sony and Canon. The first indication of which is the best, is which brand of camera does Hudl recommend. Hudl recommends a total of 22 different Sony video camera models, but only 9 canon models. It also recommends one Samsung camera. So, the vote form Hudl would seem to suggest Sony. But, how do Sony video cameras and canon cameras match up? Here’s a comparison of two Hudl recommended Sony and Canon video cameras in the same price bracket. The Sony CX405 video camera and the Canon Vixia HF R700.

Both the Sony CX405 video camera and the Canon Vixia HF R700 will cost in the region $300. They are both lightweight and small, so they are easy to transport.

Cannon Vixia HF R700

The Cannon Vixia HF R700 is a camera that has obviously been designed to fit the budget. It has some nice features, but you will need to buy a separate memory card to record video. There is a high capacity battery included, but it is not built-in. That adds to the overall size of the camera. The camera records video at 1920×1080. That’s the same as the Sony CX405. The Canon Vixia HF R700 is marketed as a camera suitable for beginners. It would be good for recording sporting events outdoors in good light. However, many people report getting grainy images in anything less than perfect light.

Sony CX405

The Sony CX405 is an easy to use video camera that gives great result indoors and out. That makes it a very versatile camera for schools and colleges that want to film multiple sports. The battery will last for up to two hours when recording. That’s another big plus for using it as an end zone camera or a sideline camera. Despite its low price, the Sony CX405 has excellent image stabilization. It’s easy to make quick adjustments to the settings as well. You can produce surprisingly high-quality video footage with the Sony CX405, straight out of the box.

Sony Vs Canon – The Verdict

So, which one comes out on top for filming sporting events? The Sony CX405 video camera or the Canon Vixia HF R700? Both the Sony and the Canon are good quality video cameras that are available at an affordable price. The Sony, though, requires a lot less effort to get high-quality video images. The Sony is more versatile too. It will take great footage in good light or bad, and you can switch to indoor filming with a minimum of fuss. If you are looking for a video camera to use with a video camera tower for filming sports, you will get a lot more for your money with the Sony CX405.