The Top 10 Signs You Need an Endzone Camera

A top quality endzone camera system, like the Hi Rise Camera, can be used to great effect with all team field sports and it provides coaches with a unique perspective of both their own team’s performance and the performance of their opponents. It also simply makes taking video footage of games and practices a whole lot easier too. If you have yet to invest in one, here are the ten top signs that you really do need an endzone video system.

You are finding it difficult to break down what went wrong
Things don’t always go to plan and when they don’t, the only way you can even start to make sure the same mistakes are not made again is to know exactly what went wrong in the first place. Did someone make pass too late or too early? Was someone in the wrong position? The high angled video footage that you get from an endzone camera will allow you to see exactly where team members were positioned and what they doing, both on and off the ball.

You are using video, but you are just not the angles
Hand held video can only see so much, so if you are getting frustrated about not being able to capture the action that you want to, then you probably need the benefit of 20 foot high telescoping endzone camera tower.

Your promotional videos and stills are not up to scratch
If you have been looking at other team’s promotional videos with a bit of envy, then that could be because you don’t have the equipment to take professional looking footage. An endzone video system will greatly enhance the quality of promotional videos and stills, as well as giving you better footage for coaching purposes.

You have no way of resolving disputes
Endzone cameras can quickly settle disputes. In fast moving sports, such as soccer and lacrosse, it can be difficult to see who was responsible for a mistake or who was at fault if a foul occurred. If you have an endzone video system, you can play back footage in slow motion and settle disputes very quickly.

You can’t capture the great plays
Teams need to celebrate their successes, but if you don’t capture the best plays, the celebration will be short lived. The high angled video footage from an endzone camera system is the perfect way to record the best moments of the team.

You are not getting the real benefit out of systems like Hudl
Video coaching systems like Hudl are a great coaching tool, but their effectiveness can be severely limited by the camera angles that you have available to you. A hi-rise end zone video tower will give you a much better perspective of a game and it will greatly enhance your use of Hudl.

You can never find the right place to stand to take your video footage
Most people agree that the best place to take best footage of a game is from a high vantage point, but not all sports fields have where you can get that vantage point. If you take your Hi Rise endzone video camera with you whenever your team travels, you will never again be left without a good vantage point to take your footage of a game.

You can’t keep up with the action
If you ever had that feeling that you just can’t keep up with the action, then it’s time you thought about investing in a telescoping endzone camera system. When your video camera is twenty feet in the air, it’s a lot easier to follow fast moving games like soccer and rugby.

You can’t anticipate your opponent’s plays
If you are finding it difficult to anticipate your opponent’s plays, then a hi-rise endzone video system could you the edge that you need. A telescoping Hi Rise camera tripod will give you an eye-in-the-sky view of what the opposing team are doing and how they are building up to their plays.

You thought the endzone cameras were only used for football.
Finally, if you thought the endzone cameras were only used for football, think again, because a Hi Rise Camera tower can bring all the benefits mentioned above, and more, to any field sports where you need to get a good view of the play.