Why Using High Quality Parts Are Important for Sideline/Endzone Cameras

Like all products, a telescoping sideline or endzone camera is only as good the parts that have been used in its manufacture, which is why we have imposed the strictest quality control procedures on all the parts used in the making of the Hi Rise Camera system. However, quality is only part of the equation. The other important consideration is the cost and availability of replacement parts.

If you are thinking about purchasing an endzone camera or a telescoping sideline camera, you may not have given too much thought to the component parts, so here are the reasons that using only the very best quality parts in a Sideline/Endzone Camera system is so important.

One of the first considerations when choosing an endzone camera system should be the reliability of the parts, because a failure of even the smallest component could result in the telescoping camera tower becoming unusable. When you are using an endzone camera to take video footage of games and practices for training purposes, you can’t afford to have a camera tower that is often out of action simply because one of the parts has failed.

Return on Investment
For many teams, a Sideline/Endzone Camera system is quite a large investment, so you don’t want that equipment sitting idle for any length of time. Buying an endzone camera system that is built with top quality parts will ensure that your team gain the maximum benefit from the investment that you have made.

High Quality Images
The reason that teams buy an endzone camera system is to give them high quality video footage that can be used for training purposes and to shoot recruitment and promotional videos. If you buy a video camera tower that has been built with low quality parts, you are likely to get a lot of movement in the tower when the wind blows and that will ruin your video footage.

Ease of Use
The Hi Rise Camera endzone camera system has been designed to be easy to use and that has been achieved, in part, by the careful selection of high quality parts. An endzone camera needs to be portable and it needs to be easy to erect and dismantle. Using only top quality components in the Hi Rise Camera system ensures that the system is easy to use and that it can withstand being transported and used frequently.

Availability of Replacement Parts
The quality of the parts used in an endzone camera system is very important, but so too is the availability of those parts. Even the best quality components will wear over time and will need replacing, but if those parts are hard to come by, or if they are prohibitively expensive, that could put an endzone or a sideline camera out of action at a vital time in the season. That’s why all the parts used in the manufacture of the Hi Rise endzone camera system are both top quality and readily available standard parts that are not overly expensive to replace.

The quality of the parts used in an endzone camera system will dictate how long the system will last, how expensive it will be to maintain, and how well the system withstands the constant usage and transportation that an endzone camera system has to bear. It could make all the difference to whether or not the video system will be available at all for important games and practices.