4 Qualities That Make An End Zone Camera System Valuable

End zone camera systems are a staple of teams across the globe today, especially in field sports such as soccer and football. Most football programs have some sort of telescopic tower with a tripod to film the game from an elevated angle from the end zone. These features allow operators to move the end zone camera (tilt and pan) to follow the game across the field. The following qualities make the end zone camera system valuable.

Live streaming

During this day and age, having the option to live stream games and events is critical. The Sky 250ET tower from Hi Rise Camera is live streaming capable. Simply add your encoder and connect to WiFi and you’re in business! Now fans that are not able to be in the stands are still able to support the team.

Comfortable filming

Having the option to film while standing or sitting is a luxury. Imagine filming a 2 hour game and only having the option to stand for the entire game. When you get an hd end zone camera system from Hi Rise Camera, you have the option to film standing up or sitting down. With Hi Rise Camera’s elevated filming chair, you are able to use the multi-point adjustments to put the chair at your desired height. Whether you are filming on concrete, grass, or even on the track surface, you can simply raise, relax, and record.

Excellent vantage points

If you currently use Hudl software, you know that the angle of the video footage is key. Hudl is best used when video is taken from a high-angle vantage point, this is not always possible in your chosen location. However, with the Sky 250 model end zone camera series from Hi Rise Camera, this is not a problem as the system can extend 21ft. No matter what sport you cover and where the team is playing, you can access great vantage points to capture your best video footage.

Video storage

Storing video footage can be a hassle when you’re on the go. That’s why having the ability to use an external video storage source like an SD card is important. Some football end zone camera systems only offer internal storage within the video camera itself. This is concerning because in most cases you are unable to expand storage if needed. We recommend using a video camera that also provides the option of using an external SD card. If you need to record multiple games and/or practices, you have the option of using SD cards that range from 8GB to 264GB+. End zone camera systems have the ability to use SD cards of different sizes is very convenient and can save you time.

These are four qualities that will help your end zone camera system remain usable and effective over the years.