The Benefits of Using Hudl With Your Endzone Camera System

On-field technology allows coaches to see the game from different angles almost immediately during games and practice, and communicate clearly with other coaches and players. Making adjustments ‘on the fly’ can be the difference in winning or losing the game. Hudl is one of the leaders in the sports technology industry that offer technologies for teams and clubs. Adding Hudl to an endzone camera system, like Hi Rise Camera, can be an immediate game-changer.

Check out a few benefits of using Hudl with an endzone camera system:

  • Fast Uploads: Your endzone camera is directly connected to your Hudl account. Once you have an internet connection, you will upload your game file directly to your Hudl account from your iPad.
  • Real-Time Functionality: Hudl has the usual pause, rewind, fast forward, slow motion, and clear features that most tablet video players have. You can also draw on the screen when you need to visually show the players what they need to see.
  • High Quality Video: All teams in the conference or district that have Hudl can easily swap game film via the game film exchange feature. Capturing video from an endzone camera angle is a much more valuable angle.
  • Portable & Affordable: Endzone camera systems, especially those used with Hudl services such as Hi Rise Camera, should be affordable and applicable whether your team is at home or away. Depending on the Hudl product you have, there may not be any hardware to transport. When you talk about a football endzone camera like Hi Rise Camera, it is extremely portable and less that 50 pounds. This makes it very travel friendly.

Recommended Endzone Camera System with Hudl:

Hudl can be an extremely useful tool for viewing live footage on the sideline during the game. Hi Rise Camera is the top rated endzone camera system and recommended for Hudl. With it being light weight, portable, high quality video, and just as important has more than 300+ customer reviews showing why it is the #1 endzone camera system to use with Hudl.