The Benefits of Wide-angle and Tight-angle Video Shots

One of the great things about using an endzone camera like Hi Rise Camera is that an elevated camera position provides the perfect wide-angle shots that you need for sport video analysis. Plus, if you are using a good quality endzone camera system, you can zoom in and get amazing tight-angle video shots as well. But, which type of video shot is best for which filming sport? Here’s how to get the benefits of both tight-angle and wide-angle shots. And, how to use both in different types of sports.

How the Purpose of the Video Will Determine the Camera Angle You Use

When you are shooting video for sports analysis, Hudl recommend a high vantage point for most sports. Wide-angle shots taken from an elevated endzone camera or a sideline camera will give you footage of the positioning players, as well as the on-the-ball action. However, if you were taking shots for a player recruitment video, you might need more tight angle shots to highlight the individual player’s performance. For promoting the team, you might want to show more tight-angle shots of the players’ faces, to show a more personal view of the team in action.

Different Angels for Different Sports

Endzone camera systems like Hipod and Hi Rise Camera are perfect for sports like football and soccer. They can also be used to great advantage for filming indoor sports, like basketball and volleyball. In volleyball, for example, a wide-angle view from a sideline camera would take in all the action. In one-on-one sports, like boxing or wrestling, the close-up tight-angle view shots are going to be the best. For some sports, like baseball, finding the right camera angle can be more challenging. If you have just one camera, an elevated wide-angle view from behind the catcher is best. Then, you can see the entire diamond.

Using the Right Camera Angle to Achieve the Best Results

There are benefits to both wide-angle and tight-angle video shots. As we discussed above, it will depend to a large degree on the purpose of the video, and the sport you are filming.

Wide angle shots taken from the vantage point of an endzone camera system like Hi Rise Camera or Hipod will give you a clear view of the field of play. That’s vital in sports like football and hockey. It allows you to capture positioning and passing. Wide-angle shots also make taking sports video easier. You won’t get caught out so easily with fast plays if you are filming a wide-angel shot.

Tight-angle shots are good for filming individual players. They are also good for zooming on specific plays. In fast moving games, though, being too tightly zoomed in on the action will make it very difficult to follow the action. It also won’t capture what is happening off the ball. However, for sports like wrestling, it’s the close-up cation that you will want to capture.

When taking sports video, it is best to leave all the options open. In most sports, an elevated sideline or endzone video system will give you the choice of taking wide-angle and tight angle shots. Filming any sport, though, can be trickier than you may have thought. Even with high quality video camera system, it does take a bit of practice to perfect.