Can An Endzone Camera System Be Used For All Sports?

Endzone camera systems provide an excellent vantage point for recording games & workouts and are suitable for all types of indoor/outdoor sports. Game analysis is very important for all sports such as soccer, football, basketball, and lacrosse, to name just a few. The bird’s eye view provided by an endzone camera allows the coach to be much more effective with teaching and training. 

The camera’s height is essential in any sport; although indoor courts are generally much smaller than outdoor fields used for sports such as soccer. That said, it does provide a great viewpoint regardless of the sport. Many people still use a standard tripod to film games, but the issue with traditional tripods is that the video angle is at ground level. In order to maximize the use of the video footage captured, a higher angle vantage point is needed. When video is captured from the right height, it can be used for analysis, training, education, player highlights, and even college recruiting. That’s the power of using sideline video tower or endzone camera system. 

Research shows that the optimal height for filming sporting events is approx. 21 feet. That’s a primary reason endzone camera systems like Hi Rise Camera have been proven to be extremely beneficial for indoor and outdoor sports. With an extension height of 21 feet, users can also reduce the Hi Rise tower height down to approx. 6 feet as well. 

When shopping for an endzone camera system, you should also consider how you will use the video once its captured. Will it be used for analysis by the coaching staff? Or, maybe player highlights by the parents & players?  However you plan to use the video, its worth taking a look at Hudl. With the Hudl system, users can edit video, create highlights, tag plays, and much more. With all of these great tools and features in the Hudl system, it makes it even more critical to use the best endzone camera system to capture video footage. 

This is where Hi Rise Camera comes into play. The Hi Rise endzone video systems extend up to 21 feet in height and is considered the most popular endzone camera system on the market. In addition to the flexibility of the tower height, customer reviews advise of a simple set up and very portable tower.  Additionally, comfort is also a key feature with the Hi Rise Camera towers. Filmers are able to shoot video footage while standing or sitting. This is a key factor when thinking about how to make your filming experience comfortable. Whether you call it an endzone camera or a sideline video tower, all sports will benefit from a Hi Rise system.