How can video towers help teams and fans during social distancing?

Video towers have been an important part of indoor and outdoor sports that cannot be overemphasized. Thanks to the amazing benefits of sideline towers such as Hi Rise Camera, fans now have great experiences, while coaches and teams are able to come up with better winning strategies that create overall improvements.

As most all of us have been impacted in some way by COVID-19, it has put a stop to almost all economic, sporting, and fun activities worldwide. A new practice called ‘social distancing’ has been put in place to help curb the spread of this infamous virus; we’re sure this is not news to you.

Most times, due to the never ending excitement, suspense, and celebration that come with sports, people tend to get carried away: we may rejoice with family and friends or have to console little junior over his losing team. All these often require physical contact. As a result of this, observing social distancing may be a little complicated during these times.

Does this mean that all teams should call it quits? Should fans just give up their favorite sports and do something else? The truth is: there is an endless list of related conundrums coming up as a result of the adverse effect of the COVID-19 on sports.

Despite all of these, there is hope! End Zone Cameras may be able to help teams and fans during these critical times of social distancing. Video camera towers, such as Hi Rise Camera, have played major positive roles in sporting experience enhancement, and with the right strategies, they can be used to help achieve social distancing while we enjoy our favorite sports.

How can Hi Rise Camera help during social distancing?

Below are two major ways video towers can help teams and fans during social distancing:

Crowd control and monitoring:

Due to their height, Hi Rise Camera can be used to monitor and control crowd. Regardless if it’s an indoor or an outdoor sport, End Zone Cameras will make it a lot easier to monitor and control the numbers of people that should be on a particular bench, or row.
A telescopic camera tower provides crystal clear videos, and since better monitoring can be done from above, live footage from this camera can help officials make fans adhere to the rules of social distancing.

Fan Engagement:

Its anticipated that when sports seasons resume, fans won’t be allowed in the stands and stadiums for an extended period of time. Live streaming games is a great way to keep your fans and community engaged and the support high. Using a sports video tower like Hi Rise Camera will allow you to get the perfect angle and provide various video options for providing your fans with a first-class fan experience. Whether it is positioned as a sideline video tower or as an end zone camera, the height and angle are sure to be a crowd pleaser for sure.


There is a whole world of benefits that video towers bring to the table when sports are concerned. Hi Rise Camera offers endzone cameras that are versatile and can be used to inculcate a decent social distancing culture in players and fans during this unprecedented period.