Which Endzone Camera Is Best For Me?

The Hi Rise Camera is an eye-in-the-sky camera system which can be used as a standalone recording device or integrated into a coaching system such as VideoChamp Sports, Krossover, or Hudl. The camera is suitable for recording all types of sporting events, including soccer, lacrosse, hockey, rugby football, and more.

As an innovative solution for recording every second of action on the field, the Hi Rise Camera is a terrific option, but it’s not the only solution available for sports filming.

It’s not always clear which end zone camera system will provide all the features you need. We’ve compiled the following tips to help you make the best choice from the end zone cameras available in the market today.

Endzone Video Systems
Hailing from Texas, Endzone Video Systems have been supplying the industry with telescoping video towers since 1998 and since that time has developed a solid reputation among college sporting teams. However, these towers carry a very expensive price tag and are very large/heavy, which can make transporting the towers very difficult.

US Sports Video
US Sports Video claims that they were the suppliers of the first ever end zone camera system. It’s a claim that is backed up by selling various endzone camera models over the years, but one which is starting to show its age as newcomers bring more advanced systems into the marketplace. The adaptability and higher price point may cause reservation.

Hipod is an established, well-known brand in the video camera tower industry and has a range of endzone camera solutions available. Hipod does provide various endzone system models that span the full range of price points. However, concerns with product quality, transportability, and set up time have been reported.

Hi Rise Camera
Hi Rise Camera is a leader in the endzone camera market. From pricing, to superior product quality it truly is a win-win. In addition to affordability, this innovative company providing new ideas and great solutions for using the latest technology in end zone camera systems.

Just a few examples of the latest tech developments which help Hi Rise stand out in the marketplace include aircraft-grade aluminum frame, solar battery packs, and industrial carbon fiber telescoping poles.

The goal of Hi Rise Camera is to take a different approach to video tower units by creating supreme quality products that won’t break the bank, and are accessible to teams of all levels. When you compare product quality and price of a Hi Rise Camera to the other video towers and endzone camera systems, hands-down it is the best option for any team.