How Do Fans Affect the Outcome of a Game?

Imagine this…. your football endzone camera has been setup to record a game and as the game starts, you begin to film. Unexpectedly, a player is fouled while the ref isn’t watching. The intense cheers of the fans significantly increase. Having high quality video for replay by using your football endzone camera enables you to capture all of these plays from the right angle. The endzone camera enables you to change to change from tight-angle to wide-angle filming quickly and smoothly.

They say that sports are 80% mental and 20% physical. As an athlete, you must have superior mental toughness. Sports demand a lot of mental awareness. Athletes have to make instant and decisive mental decisions all of the time. A player’s lack of awareness and focus will affect individual performance and in turn, overall team performance. Most players perform in front of fans in a gym, at a field, a stadium, or even a streaming audience at home. The increased pressure of competing at a high level is always there.

Actions of fans don’t normally have any effect on players’ physicality; however, fans do have the power to impact the outcome of games. Fans can affect games by negatively or positively influencing the psyche of players and influencing the game momentum. If you’ve ever experienced the intensity of passionate fans in a stadium getting rowdy for their team, then you understand how fans can change the game.

Teams playing at home generally have a slight advantage over opponents visiting. In fact with some sports , its estimated that home teams win 61% of the time. This percentage is relatively high and fans are the primary reason for the high percentage.

Fans don’t just watch a game; they are also actively involved in the pre-game and in-game actions. Actions like cheering, booing, screaming, clapping, etc have numerous impacts on team performance. When a team is consistently cheered over the course of a game, it is a great motivating factor for the team. The players feed off of this energy, which provides a huge boost. This boost will allow some players to play through stress and injury just to win the game for the fans.

Also, fans use other forms of creativity in distracting the opposition team. Many will use signs, unique clothes and chants to distract and subdue in-game attacks of the opposition.

Undoubtedly, fans are game-changers. Having a high quality endzone camera or sideline video tower will allow you to capture all of these subtle and ‘not so subtle’ moments.