Key Features To Look For When Shopping For An End Zone Camera System

Choosing the best end zone camera for your team may not be as easy as you might think. Questions start arise, such as: What’s the best height? Should it include a warranty? What parts should be included? Just to name a few. So, before you spend your money on an end zone camera system to use with Hudl, check out these essential features to look out for before you buy.


Most teams want to film for home and away games. This means that teams want to take their end zone camera system on the road. That said, it means that the end zone camera system you use must be portable and easy to travel with. For example, if you were to get the Sky 250ET end zone camera system from Hi Rise Camera, it is a total of approx. 45lbs. It also allows you to travel in most 4-door cars due to the compact storage nature of the tower. These are attributes you want to consider when assessing the portability of an end zone camera system.


No matter how good your video camera is, it doesn’t matter if your end zone camera system can’t support it and keep it stable. When shopping for a tower, make sure that you have the ability to anchor your end zone camera tower a few different ways. If you are playing on turf, you may want to use sand bags. If you are playing on grass, maybe stakes could be an option. These are very important things to know prior to choosing an end zone camera system.

Height and Cables

The shooting angle is essential for getting the best angle. Fortunately, most end zone camera systems offer a high-angle point vantage point. That said, you want to ensure that the camera shield up top includes appropriate stress relief points for your electronic cables. This is important so that there is no stress on your cable end ports to prevent bending/breaking. Without a good stress relief system, it really doesn’t matter how high your tower extends because you won’t be able to control the video camera and/or see the video down below.

Jumping right away and buying an end zone camera “just because” is a no-no. Make sure to do your research and figure out what features are important to you and your team. Ensure you get all of your questions answered before making a decision. An end zone camera is a great investment that will pay dividends for your team and coaching staff for years to come!

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