Why parents should care about video footage

With the arrival of affordable endzone cameras and sports video coaching systems, more and more schools and colleges are beginning to use systems like Hi Rise Camera endzone towers and VideoChamp Sports to record, review, annotate, and edit practices, training sessions and games.

Video technology provides a modern way for coaches to improve their team tactics, help athletes develop, and help their team win, but the benefits to the children that video footage can bring go well beyond simply helping them be a member of a winning.

Here are just some of the reasons why parents should care whether or not their children’s school or college is using modern sports video camera technology as a part of their sports coaching.

Encourages children to take up sports

In an age of increasing child obesity and a reluctance of some children to take up sports at all, knowing that their sporting efforts will be recorded on video could be just the incentive that a child needs to get more involved with sports at school.

Helps prevent injuries

Video footage taken from an endzone camera or a sideline camera, which can then be played back and analyzed with sports video systems like VideoChamp Sports, is often used as a means of identifying where young athletes are putting themselves in danger of injury. A coach can see dangerous moves made by players on a video playback that they might have missed when the event occurred, and that means that the coach can then alert the athlete to the risk and prevent a potentially serious injury.

Builds self-confidence

Video playback is often used to highlight errors, but it can also be used very effectively to show a student how much they have improved and to demonstrate to them visually how well they are performing. Showing a young athlete a positive image of themselves playing sports can be a huge confidence booster for those that need it.

Encourages team participation

The playing of team sports is a great way to encourage a youngster to become a good team player. The high angle view of play that a Hi Rise Camera endzone camera system provides will enable a young athlete to see exactly how their own actions affect the team and that can help them understand the importance of being a good team player.

Develop leadership skills

Endzone and sideline camera video footage edited and played back on video coaching systems like VideoChamp Sports can help develop leadership skills in young athletes. Even if they are not the team captain, video footage can show an athlete where, if they had taken the lead, they could have had a positive impact on the game.

Helps a young athlete achieve their full potential

Endzone cameras are often thought of as being used primarily in the training of teams and the formulation of team strategies, but they are of immense use in the training of individual athletes as well. When a coach is watching a game as it happens, they may not have time to study individual athletes, but when they can play back the footage on video, they will have plenty of time to look at each athlete’s performance and that will help the coach guide a young player towards their full potential.

Increase the chances of gaining a college scholarship

Professional looking videos that have been taken from a Hi Rise Camera video camera tower and edited using a good video coaching system like VideoChamp Sports can greatly improve the chances of a young athlete being selected for a sports scholarship. College coaches are very people and they are relying more and more on highlights videos to shortlist potential candidates for scholarships.

Endzone video camera systems and hi-tech video coaching systems are revolutionizing the way that coaches are training teams. The benefits of modern video technology in sports can also benefit the personal development of a student. Fortunately, now that companies like Hi Rise Camera and VideoChamp Sports are making the technology much more affordable, it is becoming accessible to even the smallest teams.