When Recording Video, Does the Quality of the SD Card Impact Video Quality?

The discussion on whether the quality of your SD card influences the video quality remains to be a highly debatable topic. Well, if you dive deeper into it, you will realize that the SD card does have an impact on the video quality. When you have a sideline video tower, like a Hi Rise Camera system, the Sky 200GC includes a Sony CX405 video camera which recommends using a class 10 speed rating UHS micro SD card. For the Sony CX405 video camera, it leverages speed and exemplary performance, which are two attributes that are critical for sideline video towers and endzone camera systems. The SD card affects the video quality in an unusual way, and we will go straight into analyzing how exactly it does that.


Essentially, one of the key features of a high-quality SD card is good speed. You may be wondering how the momentum will impact the quality of the video. Great thought! If you are using an inferior SD card while recording HD video footage, the slow speed will cause your video to jump, therefore, interfering with its quality. You find that some sections of the video will be missing. That’s right, you will be missing pieces of video footage. Since no one wants to miss video footage or have choppy video playback for that matter, we recommend using an SD card with a good speed/class. This should guarantee you a high-quality video. Helpful Hint: Most all video camera manufacturers will advise you on the best type of SD card (i.e. specs) to use with their video camera for best results..


Making sure you purchase the right size SD card is very important. If you have a cell phone, you are accustomed to using an SD card (usually a micro sd card, but is functions the same as a standard size SD card). Here’s what you need to know as it pertains to shooting video on your SD card. The better the video quality, the more space it will take up on the SD card. For example, let’s say that you have a sideline video tower that recording a game for 1 hour, and your video camera is set on the highest HD video quality setting. That 1 hour recording may be 5GB of storage on the SD card. Now lets say that you have an endzone camera, but you have the video quality set on a lower HD video quality setting. That same 1 hour recording may only be 3GB of storage on your SD card. In short, if you don’t have an SD card that can accommodate the large size video (and quality), you will be unable to record your game.

You may have a great video camera, yet you are unable to come up with quality footage, due to having an inferior quality SD card. Having gone the extra mile of acquiring an HD video camera, it is well worth it to ensure you have a quality SD card that performs like a beast.