How Has Technology Impacted Youth Football?

The use of technology in football and other sports is becoming more essential and is revolutionizing the way football training is approached. Technology has completely changed the way football is played and experienced. We now know almost everything that happens on the field, as multiple HD cameras such as football endzone cameras allow us to see every movement from every conceivable angle.

Here are a few ways technology has impacted youth football.

Strength & Conditioning

The first area where technology made a breakthrough and brought football closer to science is strength & conditioning. In this area, technology has allowed teams of all levels to train like the pros by providing quality data collection that was previously not possible and/or affordable to obtain. Much of this technology you can find at combines, practice facilities, and many other sports training gyms.

Reducing Injuries

The risk of injury is strongly influenced by team practice. Overloading athletes can lead to stressful injuries, and a hazardous training environment can endanger students. Modern technology is changing the way trainers and doctors spot injury risk before it happens. This allows athletes to train safer and more effectively to achieve better results. The use of game film to analyze footage is also an important factor of this. That is another reason that you may see more endzone camera systems and sports video towers during games and practices. Many organizations conduct real-time /game-ready tests to assess whether a player can return to the field or court.

Analysis and Scouting

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasingly being used to identify young football talent and also help teams win. From college recruiting to opponent scouting/analysis, AI technology is becoming much more affordable and accessible to teams of all levels.

Systems such as Hudl provide a suite of functionality. This includes tactical training of players, education, analysis, sideline scouting, and much more. At the core of Hudl’s product offering is video footage. Video is the key. Many teams that opt for AI also choose to purchase one of the Sky 250 model towers from Hi Rise Camera to have the high angle needed, but just as important, they have a tower that is portable for home games, away games, and even practice.