Things To Consider When Shopping For A Football Endzone Camera?

Choosing the best football endzone camera system for your team may not be as easy as you might think. You can immediately pick one of the well-known brands like Hi Rise Camera or Hipod, simply because you know other teams are using those models with systems like Hudl. It’s best to know before your buy. So, before you spend your team’s money on a football endzone camera system for use with Hudl, check out these essential features you should look out for before purchasing.


To ensure good image quality and safety, you need to ensure that the video camera tower is stable and can be securely anchored to the ground. Look for football endzone camera systems that have independently adjustable feet so they can be set flat on uneven ground.


The weight of different models of football endzone cameras for Hudl can vary significantly, so check how much the entire device weighs and how easy it can be to pack and travel. If you are looking for an endzone camera system that can travel to away games and tournaments too, 50 pounds is probably the maximum weight you would like to work with.

Monitor Viewing Quality

Monitor quality is also an important factor when shopping for the best football endzone camera. You will get the best viewing results on a high-resolution LCD monitor with an area of at least 7 inches.

Battery Charging Options

Take a look at the battery life of both the monitor and the cameras and see what options are available for charging the battery. Some of the newer, more innovative designs of football endzone cameras and remote control cameras come with solar panels, which can be a great option especially if you will be using your tower for outdoor sports.

Like everything else, it is well worth taking the time to choose the best football endzone camera for your team. One of the most innovative football endzone cameras in the market right now is the Hi Rise Camera, which is a complete video camera tower at a great price.