What Are The Top Things to Look For When Buying A Video Camera?

Ready to upgrade? Here are 3 important things to consider before buying a new video camera. 

If your team already owns an HD sports video camera, make sure it is compatible with your tripod and/or endzone camera system (if applicable). If you don’t have an HD sports video camera, your job may be a bit easier to start, since you will begin from a “clean slate”. 

Figure Out What Works For You: Starting of…..you have to take into account a few key factors – video quality, megapixel range, streaming options, and zoom capability to name a few. A good video camera must be capable of recording video at a resolution of at least 1080p. If you want to go closer to the bottom of the HD spectrum then 720p would be the baseline.  

Customer Reviews: We live in a golden age of user-generated content. This means you can easily find video camera reviews and test footage for almost every camera on the market. These hands-on guides will help you see exactly what footage from each camera might look like. There are also plenty of comparison videos that compare and contrast cameras against each other so you can see how they stack up for aspects such as low light and dynamic range.

Full Package Cost: If you buy the most expensive video camera you can afford, you might be ‘dipping into’ your accessory budget. If you find yourself in this situation, you can go with a comparable less expensive sports video camera, and spend the extra money on the optional accessories you may want. You definitely want to check to see if your HD sports video camera includes discount promo codes for free accessories from other companies.

Next, you should assess how the video camera is going to be used. Will it be used on a standard tripod? Free hand? Or, maybe you want to attach it to a sideline video tower or endzone camera system.  Depending on how you answer that question, you may need to buy other equipment separately. 

Whichever video camera you purchase, its most important you feel great about it and it will serve the purpose you purchased it for. It is a substantial investment in most cases, so make sure you do your research and choose wisely before making your purchase.