How To Use Facebook & Instagram To Keep Fans Excited During The Season

Social media is changing the way sports are covered, allowing more people to watch games and sporting events, regardless of their location or number of venues. Facebook and Instagram have large audiences and great potential to keep fans engaged throughout the season. In addition, these social media platforms have provided teams, athletes, and organizations with the opportunity to showcase their skills in front of local and global audiences.

A big part of what makes sports so popular on social media is the fact that games can be live streamed and broadcasted in real-time. If fans can’t make it to the game, they can now check it out online in many cases on platforms like FB, Youtube, to name a few. When you couple that with video equipment technology that can provide an elevated viewpoint, like an end zone camera system, you can have professional level broadcast quality.In addition, fans are eager to voice their opinions and interact with the teams by commenting and sharing highlights with their friends. And so, anything teams can do to capture and encourage these real-time interactions is a huge plus.

To learn more about your fans and encourage them to interact with you and other fans, leverage tools that are available to you. For example, post topics that that encourage them to share their interests and responses. Also, definitely use the survey tools to encourage feedback, which you can also use for contests and much more.

Other way for fan engagement is optimize your video with sports tags for Facebook and Instagram, by doing so your posts are more likely to appear in search results, which can increase your engagement. Using high angle video footage from an end zone camera system, like Hi Rise Camera, can take it your posts to the next level. From there, when fans share your content on Facebook, you want to make sure you have maximum control by adding the necessary metadata to your page.

Both Facebook Live and Instagram Live allow users to watch live streams as well as videos on demand. Here’s how it works: After the live stream is over, the video is available to watch and share for as long as the page admin wants. This is a great advantage for fans who cannot watch the game live. Plus, it allows you to continue building those valuable relationships with your fans.

Last but not least, as mentioned above, enhance the quality of your live broadcasts with the HD end zone camera system or sports video tower. Hi Rise Camera is a great option to look into. Check out all of the top-notch solutions for high-angle and aerial video capture. Providing an exclusive high angle video viewpoint on your social media pages can provide fans a great reason to continually come back to your page to see a video angle they can’t get anywhere else. Keep our tips in mind to get on the path to fan engagement and social media success.