Using Hudl With A Hi Rise Camera Helps Teams Win

It is now widely accepted by coaches, players, and parents that using systems such as Hudl with  Hi Rise camera to capture and analyze game film is an integral part of team development in any sport. Game film shot from the right place and the right angles can be used for training, coaching, analysis, and even player highlights for recruiting videos. Coaches can also swap game film for scouting purposes using Hudl. When you couple Hudl with a great video shot with an endzone camera like Hi Rise Camera, you have pro level quality video to swap with other teams/coaches.  

Hudl offers easy to use tools for coaches to use their game film and practice video footage as a tool to provide their players a different perspective of the game. This is form of training and preparation is critical to player development and overall team success. This process usually involves two key components: 1) Video Capture; 2) Video Analysis

Let’s start with the video capture. Whether it be an endzone camera shot or using it as a sideline video tower, Hi Rise Camera towers enable you to shoot footage an elevated angle (21ft high). This elevated shot provides the perfect angle for video footage that can be used for coaching needs (i.e. training & development) and player needs (i.e. highlights & recruiting video).  Players can use that same game film to create player highlight videos for college recruiting and also post it on social media to share with friends & family. Hudl also provides players the option to post their videos and profiles online directly from their Hudl account.  

Once you capture the video with your Hi Rise Camera, here’s how Hudl comes in. With Hudl, you have many editing and analysis tools at your finger tips. Coaches are able to tag and categorize various plays throughout the game/practice to review with the team during film session. Clips can be categorized by player, play type, and many other factors. Adding in functions such as rewind, fast-forward, and many telestration tools, allows Hudl to become a very powerful tool. Another benefit is that players and parents have access to most of these tools as well. Now they have the option to create their own highlights for memories, friends & family, or even to send to college scouts for recruiting purposes. 

An additional benefit of using an endzone camera system like Hi Rise Camera, is that you can easily use it with products like Hudl Sideline. With this program, you can directly connect to your Hudl account/system to your Hi Rise Camera and stream the live game to coaches on the sideline. This type of technology enables coaches and teams to make real-time adjustments during the game. 

Pairing Hudl with Hi Rise Camera can be an invaluable resource for any sport.  The key to getting better, winning games, and winning championships is training & preparation. Video is a critical piece to that puzzle. By having the #1 rated endzone camera & sidleline video tower like Hi Rise Camera coupled with the top video analysis system like Hudl, puts teams in a great place to take their games to the next level.