Why Are Sideline Video Towers Also Referred To As Endzone Cameras?

Sideline video towers and/or endzone camera have been an important part of indoor and outdoor sports that cannot be overstated. With the amazing benefits of sideline video towers like the Hi Rise Camera, fans now have a great experience, and coaches and teams can come up with the best winning strategies that create overall improvements.
Side towers and end-zone cameras are common at sporting events. They are used to shoot videos that are used in video analysis. When edited on systems like Hudl, videos can provide valuable insight into how individual players are playing and how well a team is playing together.

Sideline Camera Towers and Endzone Cameras Enhance Team Performance

Sideline camera towers and end zone camera help to enhance team performance. They are placed in different positions according to the sport. For example, in football, there is an endzone (i.e., location where the team scores a touchdown). When the tower is placed behind the endzone to give a long field view (which is preferred by football teams), which is why it is referred to it as an endzone camera. In football, they can place the tower on the mid-field sideline and it would be called a sideline video tower and they would get this specific viewpoint.
Soccer and lacrosse are fast moving sports that add an extra layer of complexity if you want to cover every position while still being able to follow the ball across the field. A consistent fast moving ball often means that the action moves from one end of the field to another very quickly. For sports such as these, there is no endzone. Soccer teams prefer a different viewpoint from the mid-field sideline only. For sports that have this consistent back-and-forth action, they would use it a system like Hi Rise Camera or Hipod as a sideline video tower.
A well-designed modern video tower system can be used as both an endzone camera and a sideline camera tower, such as Hi Rise Camera. These cameras have specific features and both are used to enhance the team performance, but the placement of the tower and the sport type makes a difference. So, now you know. That’s why many people refer to a sideline video tower as an endzone camera as well.