3 Reasons Why Having A Portable Football Endzone Camera System Is Beneficial?

Do you record your team’s football games with an endzone camera? You have no idea what you’re missing if you aren’t. In fact, an endzone camera system may take your game to new video recording heights! Here’s why a portable football endzone camera system may be a game-changer for your entire team, coaches, players, and parents.

Most teams have been filming their games and practices with sports video equipment and endzone camera systems for years. Endzone camera systems, unlike traditional tripods, are designed to provide an elevated angle of the game above the field/court.
Football teams, for example, regularly travel during the season. For most teams, they have a 50/50 split of home vs away games. As a result, your endzone camera system should be light weight, easy to use, and portable. The Hi Rise Camera system is a wonderful complement to a Hudl sideline system, weighing less than 50 pounds with everything included.

The question always comes up…..what about using my smart phone as an endzone camera? Smartphones are, without a doubt, useful in many situations, but not as an endzone camera system. As technology advances, the quality of cellphones improves, allowing you to snap amazing photos and even create mini-movies with only your smartphone. Unfortunately, there are still some places where smartphones are unable to get you the shot you need. Due to how the video camera lenses are created and the height of the video shot, smart phones are not a good option. When elevating your smart phone up 25ft high, you can begin to encounter a ‘fishbowl’ effect in your video. This has to do with many technical variables. Additionally, controlling the video functions needed remotely can pose an issue as well. For example, functions such as monitoring video and zooming in/out provide a significant challenge when using your smart phone when you are 25ft below. This is why using a portable all-in-one football endzone camera system like Hi Rise Camera is a great solution. The video camera feed directly connects to the viewing monitor at the base of the tower, and you are able to easily control the zoom features of the video via remote control as well.

This day and age, having game film and training footage is a necessity. Portable football endzone camera systems, such as Hi Rise Camera, are a great tool that will help you reach your objectives and elevate your team to new heights.