Adding Hudl Sideline To Your Endzone Camera System Gives Teams An Advantage

Many teams have found that having access to video footage allows them to watch previous games, study game film, and create highlights. Pairing your endzone camera system with Hudl Sideline, enables teams to review game film live on the sideline. Just as important as the live sideline replay, the high aerial angle of the video provides a first-class pro level view for teams to make in-game adjustments in real-time.

Overall, Hudl provides various products that helps teams win games. In addition to Hudl Sideline, they offer an iOS and Android app. They also offer their standard online Hudl system that is popular among youth, high school, and college teams. Standard with the Hudl system, you can draw on the screen when you need to show the players what they need to see visually. The feature film sharing function allows all teams in a conference or district with a Hudl to exchange feature films simply These are just a few benefits across a few of their product lines.

As it pertains to Hudl Sideline, it’s one of Hudl’s first hybrid packages that included both hardware and software components. In short, a local wireless network is created in this package, which allows users to transmit video from the endzone camera system, to press box (if applicable) and display it to the coaches/team on the sideline.

Interestingly, Hudl themselves recommends the use of high-definition, high-quality endzone camera systems with their products. Endzone camera systems like Hi Rise Camera provide the perfect product to pair with Hudl Sideline features to capture game film. If 1080p is used as the video standard, your team will need a great camera like the Sony CX405, which Hudl also recommends. This model comes with all Hi Rise Cameras, including the Sky 250ET, which means you have everything you need to start filming immediately once its delivered. That’s why, Hi Rise Camera pairs perfectly with Hudl Sideline.

Teams need the right equipment to be their best. By pairing Hi Rise Camera’s Sky 250ET with the Hudl Sideline, your team has everything they need to take their game to the next level.