Advantages Of Using Endzone Camera Footage For College Recruiting Videos

Endzone camera systems and sideline cameras have changed the way we capture video footage for sports. These towers have in turn, revolutionized player high light videos for college recruiting. Back in the day, players had limited options for capturing video footage that is needed to send to college coaches in the hopes of obtaining an athletic scholarship. Now, with video technology being affordable with systems like Hi Rise Camera, players around the globe have an affordable video option available to use for their recruiting videos.

Here are a few advantages of using endzone camera footage for recruiting videos:

The quality of the recruiting video matters. If recruiters can’t see players because the video is pixilated or ‘grainy’, forget about them showing further interest or getting them to come see a real game. Ensuring your video quality is being shot in HD instead of SD is very important.

To be clear, while the game film is important in recruiting it doesn’t ‘seal the deal’ on receiving a college scholarship. It is a very important first step to garner initial interest that could turn into an offer down the road. That’s why having footage from the height of an endzone camera is extremely beneficial From the height, angle, and professional video quality, it is a win-win for the athlete and coaches watching it.

Another benefit of having endzone camera video footage for highlight recruiting videos is that it allows you to use various online platforms to create highlight videos and send to college scouts. For example, having the high angle video footage allows you flexibility to on the clips you can make and the diversity of the play angles you can include in your highlight video. Using online systems like Hudl, which has full library of tools to create amazing highlight videos, this can allow you to make a pro-level quality highlight video to send to college coaches.

Teams that do have an HD endzone camera system provide an advantage to their players beyond analysis, training, and day-to-day operations. When it comes to college recruiting, these teams are positioning their players for success in pursuing their dream to play ball at the next level. When it comes to recruiting video, it is important to keep in mind that this is usually the first introduction to the college scout. It is also important to keep in mind that college scouts review thousands of highlight videos and game films per year. That said, do you think that they want to spend time trying to find you in a low quality/bad angle video? Make sure you make your first impression count by sending high quality video footage from an endzone camera system.