What If Your Football End Zone Camera Could Also Be Used As A Sideline Camera System?

Most sports video towers, such as Hi Rise Camera and Hi Pod are sold as end zone cameras. However, most schools, colleges and teams that buy camera tower systems will want to get the most out of the system. This raises the following questions: Can endzone cameras be used as a
sideline camera? The answer is: Yes….if you choose the right end zone camera system. If you want to do this, then you’ll need a Hi Rise Camera. It can be used as a football end zone camera system and/or a sideline camera system for sports like soccer and lacrosse to name a few.

Benefits of using the endzone camera as a sideline camera:

Hi Rise Camera can be used as an end zone camera or sideline camera, it can keep up with fast- action full-field sports from the sideline. Certain towers/models, such as Hipod that use a motorized camera head are too slow to use as a sideline camera. Why is this important? Great
question…. If schools could use their HD football endzone camera as a sideline camera, they have the option to share the tower with other sports within the school/college that use it as a sideline camera (such as soccer, lacrosse, etc.) This would allow teams to split the cost for the tower among various teams. Having an endzone camera that can be used as a sideline camera also allows teams to choose the video angle they want for that game or practice. Even more, they can change the placement of the tower if they desire during the game.

With the current situation with COVID-19, many schools and clubs are live streaming games. Having and endzone camera that can be used as a sideline camera can provide your viewers different angles of the game. For live streaming games, maybe a sideline view is better and will
give them more of a real ‘fan in the stands’ experience, which many people miss. On the other hand, if you are using a live streaming sideline technology software like Hudl, an endzone view may be more impactful to the coaches that are live streaming with this tablets on the sideline.

When it comes down to it, having an endzone camera that you can also use as a sideline camera is the best way to go. Couple that with the fact that Hi Rise Camera is the #1 rated endzone camera system/sideline camera system in the industry. Not to mention it includes a 10-year
warranty and the price is on point as well. It’s a true win-win!