Sony vs. Canon: Which Brand Makes The Best HD Sports Video Camera

When it comes to best HD sports video cameras, two brands come to mind – Canon and Sony. Both brands create excellent cameras and optics. Choosing the right brand from the start is all the more important. So, the tricky question remains: which brands make the best HD sports camera between Canon and Sony? To help you make a great choice, we’ve compiled everything you need to know about Canon vs. Sony.


Canon makes cameras in almost every category, including DSLRs, mirrorless cameras and compact cameras. It offers a wide range of different EOS lenses with EF mount as well as EF-S mount. Canon cameras tend to use brand-specific terms. For example, they use TV on the mode dial to indicate the shutter priority mode. This can be difficult to learn.

When it comes to recording sports, 60fps captures motion better and makes everything smoother. 30fps is perfectly acceptable (which is what you see when you watch live sports on TV), but 60fps also has the advantage of allowing for slow-motion in post-processing. The latest GoPros and iPhones can do this, but no one claims to be better than the Sony FDR-AX53 4K camcorder.


Sony is best known in the photographic community for its mirrorless cameras. In particular, full-frame shooting. This makes it especially suitable for shooting fast-moving scenes where the main subject is constantly changing. Sony is also the world’s largest supplier of imaging sensors. Camera manufacturers don’t always like to tell who made the sensor. You can purchase a camera with a different brand and end up with a Sony sensor such as newer Nikon models.

Outdoor sports such as football, lacrosse, soccer represent optimal conditions for recording, but if you are filming from the stands, you will need a high optical zoom camcorder or a mirrorless zoom camera. Sony is well known for its HDR-CX405 video camera, which is an entry level consumer grade video camera. It is typically used with many HD sports camera systems, endzone video cameras, and sideline video cameras. By no means is it their most top of the line video camera in terms of video quality, but it is definitely a great quality camera that produces a very high quality video/picture. For Sony’s top of the line video cameras, take a look at their cameras that offer 4K video quality.